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Trancas to add Le Village Café to repertoire

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2:45 pm PDT March 15, 2016

Trancas Country Market announced last week that it will undergo a yearlong revitalization endeavor to add Le Village Café to accompany its repertoire of upscale tenants, dining options and new outdoor seating areas. 

RKF, the leading independent retail real estate firm in the United States, has been brought on to align Trancas with the right boutiques, designer stores and restaurants to embody Malibu’s relaxed lifestyle and reflect its cultural affinity.

The first new tenant of the yearlong revamp is Le Village Café, a hearty American café founded by French restauranteur Francois Clausse. 

Opening its doors early spring at Trancas Country Market, Le Village Café will serve a full menu with delicious offerings centered on fusion food and organic produce.