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Julia Consiglio (left) performs as Juliet alongside Harry Culhane as Romeo. Photos submitted
OLM mothers (left to right, back row) Holly Culhane as Candy Lightner, Jane Griesemer as Admiral “Amazing Grace” Hopper, Marieka Kline as Mary Hines, Vanda Collins as Calypso Rose and Tammy Arlidge as Nancy Grace Wake; (front row) Barbara Carey as J.K. Rowling, Julia Moder as Laura Ingalls Wilder and Sandra O’Neill as Joan of Arc smile together after their Women in History presentations.
Rev. Bill Kerze shows various kinds of rocks to OLM sixth graders.
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1:38 pm PDT June 9, 2014

Our Lady of Malibu School

Curtain call

Michelle Krolikowski and Laura Retts directed Our Lady of Malibu School’s production of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” at the OLM student art show.

All aspects of the play — production, acting, directing and set painting — were done by OLM seventh and eighth graders. The students worked to memorize their lines, learn acting techniques and collaborate as a team. 

Guests enjoyed a delightful evening appreciating the arts.

Women of the world

OLM’s award-winning annual Women in History program came to life as moms from the school portrayed women who have made an impact in the world. 

They each gave first-person presentations to every grade. 

Rockin’ rocks

Rev. Bill Kerze joined Our Lady of Malibu School’s sixth grade science class to share his geology expertise. His vast knowledge about the subject was a wonderful kick-off for further classroom investigations into types of rocks and minerals and the rock cycle.  

The visit was relevant to the students because most of the impressive rock samples were collected by Rev. Bill, himself, and were from our own backyard.