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Pepperdine student collects beauty, personal care containers

Lauren Coughlin, Editor
8:00 am PDT April 20, 2017

One person’s trash is Emma Craven’s treasure.

This month, Craven, a freshman at Pepperdine University, is capping her efforts for Rinse, Recycle, Repeat, a national campaign that seeks to motivate young consumers to responsibly recycle their beauty empties. Craven is one of several college captains across the U.S. participating in the effort, which is the brainchild of TerraCycle, Garnier and

Craven will be collecting empty shampoo bottles, makeup containers and the like through Thursday, April 26, when she heads home to Red Bank, New Jersey for the summer. Craven is willing to pick up the empties, and she can be reached at

“I think that it’s important to note that just putting these bottles in the regular recycling isn’t enough to really recycle them,” Craven said.

Thus far, Craven’s donations have primarily come from fellow students, though she said she only had about 20 items as of Thursday, April 13. Craven said her personal goal is to get at least 100 empties, but the campaign sets a slightly higher bar.

“They give you a beginning goal of 300 pieces of empty personal care products, but the person who raises the most containers gets a prize at the end,” Craven explained.

A release from Garnier detailed that the team that collects the most empties by the end of April will receive a green garden space in their community.

“The green garden will consist of some upcycled items like benches and garden beds, giving them a new life where Malibu can enjoy a comfortable space rather than have landfills overflowing with #empties,” the release stated.

Craven, an English/creative writing major with a nonprofit minor, said her involvement in the campaign was inspired by a module on environmental justice, through Pepperdine’s Social Action and Justice Program. And while the Rinse, Recycle, Repeat competition is nearing its end, Craven hopes it might have a lasting impact on her peers.

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