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Nona Mitoyan (left), president of the Pepperdine Armenian Student Association and the Armenian Genocide Committee, and Konstantin Abajian, member of the Pepperdine Armenian Association and Executive Board Member of the Armenian Genocide Committee, pose in front of last week’s annual Genocide Awareness Exhibit. Photos by Barbara Burke/22nd Century Media
Pepperdine’s Genocide Awareness Exhibit on Thursday, April 13, displayed photos, statements and statistics on various genocide incidents.
Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter
10:09 am PDT April 19, 2017

Some events can never be put in the past, no matter how many days or years pass.

The Armenian Association and the Armenian Genocide Committee sponsored the annual Genocide Awareness Exhibit at Pepperdine on Thursday, April 13. The comprehensive exhibit displayed incidents of genocide, beginning with the Armenian Genocide, often referred to as the “forgotten genocide,” which lasted from 1915-1918, and decimated the Armenian population.