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Resident hopes to adopt out goats

Chris Bashaw, Assistant Editor
3:40 pm PDT August 25, 2014

Lori Morris, Hope Ranch Animal Rescue owner, is hoping Malibu residents can adopt her goats.
Approximately three months ago, Morris’ veterinarian brought four goats – one male and three females – to her rescue ranch after finding them roaming in the street.
“I thought the females were too young to breed, but one of them had a baby,” Morris said. “I’m a rescue ranch, so I don’t breed animals.”
The discovery that one of the females was pregnant came after a veterinarian came to sterilize the animals.
“When my vet came to neuter the male, I asked him if one of the females looked pregnant,” she said.
Sure enough, a baby goat was born soon after, and what was a fistful of four goats became a handful of five.
Morris said Malibu residents and anyone interested in adopting her goats can expect to pay a $100 adoption fee.
“This is a donation that goes to the rescue, not a purchase price,” she explained. “When you just give things or animals away, it’s like they have no value. I care about my animals a lot and I want someone to feel like they have value.”
To care for the “friendly” goats, Morris said owners need a yard – as goats cannot be housebroken – as well as a constant and copious amount of drinking water.
“Anyone can be a goat owner,” she said. “If you spend time with them, you can walk them and they’ll follow you around like a dog.”
While the goats can be fed alfalfa, Morris said they will be happy to eat anything else in their living space, including rose bushes.
“They’ll eat the bushes you don’t want them to eat,” she said. “Even if you feed them right, they’ll eat things you don’t want them to eat – that’s just what goats do.”
To speak with Morris about adopting a goat or any other animal at Hope Ranch, she asks potential new animals parents to call her at (310) 457-0213.