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Photo Poll

Week of April 2, 2014

“How can Malibu be a better community?”

“Take the fluoride out of the water supply.”

Max Edward

“Security guards kind of get a bad stigma, so they should reach out to the community and let people know they’re there to help.”

Terry Tran

“I wouldn’t know how to improve Malibu, it’s a great place.”

Andy Hoelting

“I like the mellow energy, it’s hard to think of what could change.”

Cade Proulx

Week of March 25, 2014

What do you look for in a City Council candidate?

“Integrity and character. They also value and are involved in the community.”

Susan Helm

“Someone who’s knowledgeable and willing to listen. They’re also in touch with the people and needs of the city.”

Eric Himes

“Someone who’s in tune to what people need and keeps the residents’ best interests at heart.”

Cheryl Cortese

“Honesty. You can’t go wrong with that.” 

Edie Cortese