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Photo Poll

Week of July 15, 2014

“What did you do for the Fourth of July?”

“I went to my parents’ place in Valley Village and watched a neighborhood parade.”

Alana Kinrich

“I went to the beach in Ventura and saw fireworks from a million different directions.”

Michelle Dornfest

“I had some friends over and we watched the fireworks from my deck.”

Margaret Maglione

“I just hung out at the beach with my friends.” 

Nathaniel Garcia

Week of July 8, 2014

“What’s your favorite night-time, summer event in Malibu?”

“Catching an evening surf session at First Point with a celebration at the end.”

Rich Lawson

“I like swimming at night with my sister near Little Dume.” 

Emilia Buckley

“I love barbecuing with my family, even though they’re vegetarians.”

Judi Hutchinson

“I love swimming by Little Dume.”

Lainey Buckley