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Photo Poll

Week of August 12, 2014

“What does your ideal Friday look like?”

“Surfing with my buddy Ian. Something would be missing without him.”

Chase Dontanbille

“Surfing 3 or 4-foot waves on a sunny day with no wind, and hitting up Trancas Market for some grub.”

Ian Holmes

“Going to Cafe Habana and having a few drinks with friends.”

Dillon Morgan

“Meeting up with some friends in Malibu, surfing the whole morning, grabbing lunch at Vintage Grocers and just hanging out.”

Grant Foraker

Week of July 28, 2014

“What’s your favorite sea creature?”

“Seals because they’re so chill. They just hang out and don’t attack anything.” 

Mason Andrews

“Wahoo, because if you’ve ever seen one, it’s the most beautiful fish you’ll ever see.” 

Jake Rowell

“I like jellyfish because they’re majestic.” 

Ian Lutz

“Dolphins, because they can swim really fast.” 

Nathan Pierce