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Photo Poll

Week of August 25, 2014

What's your favorite time of year in Malibu?

“I like the fall for its color, football and chili.”

Sam Bacon

“The summer because I work at a summer camp and I get paid in fruit.”

Josh Hepner

“I like the fall. It’s clear, warm and our visitors, as grateful for them as I am, are elsewhere and our city is back to itself.”

Barnet Bain

“Summer because I love enjoying time with my kids.”

Sheila Fajil

Week of August 18, 2014

What's one thing you wish you could do?

“I wish I could sing, or just have a good singing voice.”

Tatum Rosenfeld

“I’d like to run a marathon because it’s a huge feat to accomplish.”

Alexa Pontello

“I’d like to work with the director of photography on a Jacques Demy film.”

Mathilde Mouchonnat

“Go to New Zealand and see the All Blacks national rugby team.”

Anouchka Santella