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Photo Poll

Week of September 11, 2014

“Which song do you associate with Malibu?”

“‘Catch A Wave’ by The Beach Boys.”

Carrie Vose

“‘Eve of Destruction’ by Barry McGuire or ‘Good Vibrations’ by The Beach Boys.”

Don Zinman

“‘Revolution Blues’ by Neil Young.”

Zach Markman

“‘Show Biz Kids’ by Steely Dan.”

David Markman

Week of September 3, 2014

Should people enter the water during huge swells?

“No, if you’re not experienced enough. You should not be in the water if Laird Hamilton says there’s a lot of rip.”

Sean Mount

“If you feel you want to, sure, but I wouldn’t.”

Stacey Warner

“Yes. Adults should use their own self-awareness and be accountable for themselves.”

Claudia Coleman

“Yes, if you have experience. It can make for good surfing.”

Reeves Morgan