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Photo Poll

Week of October 8, 2014

“What would you do if you found $10 on the beach?”

“I would ask everyone around if it was theirs, and then I’d take it to the lifeguard.”

Richard Merkell

“I’d would just take it.”

Emilia Merkell

“I’d take it to the lifeguard.”

Kay Gabbard

“I’d wait in case anyone came back for it."

Patsy Palmer

Week of September 29, 2014

Do you like fall in Malibu?

“I love the fall because it gets cooler and I can go rock climbing or mountain biking without it being too hot.”

Diego Lopez

“No because the water’s too cold in the mornings, but I guess it’s good for rock climbing.”

Andrew Widmar

“I don’t like fall because I prefer hotter weather.”

Jose Smith

“No – it’s not hot enough and it gets too windy for me.”

Dan Bolger