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On Common Ground: ‘He was one of the lucky ones’

January 24, 2017 by Dr. Duane Tom, DVM Director of Animal Care, California Wildlife Center Opinion, Contributing Columnists

Red-tailed hawks are the hawks you most commonly see in the Malibu area, soaring high in the sky during the mornings as the air warms up. Their call is also the one almost always used by the entertainment industry as the loud,...

Don’t Panic, It’s Organic: How healthy soil deters those pesky whiteflies

by Andy Lopez, Contributing Columnist/Invisible Gardener Opinion, Contributing Columnists

Here in Malibu, we are graced with mellow weather and not-so-harsh winters. 

While this is good for us, it’s not so good for individual plants that need a cold winter to kill off certain pests. One of these is the...

Ride of the Week: Four hours on PCH, and loving every second of it

by Fireball Tim Lawrence Opinion, Contributing Columnists

The other day, my wife and I decided to walk up into town from our house. About 2.5 miles of PCH and figured we’d shoot an episode of our show as we walked, pointing out all the cool things here in Malibu. But as we walked, the...

Malibu has had its say — so now what?

by Lauren Coughlin, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Last week, the Malibu City Council took a bold step in declaring itself a sanctuary city. 

While I have no personal stake in the matter, it was a vote and conversation that had me on the edge of my seat, and I know I...