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Letters to the Editor

Open letter to Rob Reiner

by Staff Report Opinion, Letters to the Editor

Well, Mr. Reiner, I hope that you are satisfied. 

I hope that you are very pleased with yourself and the passing of your Measure R. Now the rest of us will be forced to live with the consequences of your selfish...

Letter to the Editor: Congratulations Water Polo

by Staff Report Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Congratulations to the Championship Malibu High School Boys’ Water Polo Team, the best high school team in Southern California Division 6.

A thrilling play-off run after an undefeated league season capped off on Nov. 19...

Letter to the Editor: Plea for decency and transparency

by Staff Report Opinion, Letters to the Editor

The elections are over, people are assessing failures and successes and preparing to move on.  Before we do, let’s ask ourselves: In this age of rampant dirty politics, how much of our integrity are we willing to sacrifice to win?