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Letters to the Editor

Letters To the Editor

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Unkept promises

Dear Ms. Lyon and the board of the SMMUSD,

We are writing to you regarding your statement about recent environmental test results.

It was last...

Letter to the Editor: Campuses need solutions

by Staff Report Letters to the Editor

Dear Ms. Lyon,

Thanks for this politically correct answer, but parents are neither confused nor incompetent. Many of us have master’s degrees or PhDs.  

“Standards” are nice to have as a kind of guideline, but we all do have a...

Letter to the Editor: District makes decisions

by Staff Report Letters to the Editor

To SMMUSD board,

In light of the recent disclosures of high levels of toxins at both MHS and Juan Carbrillo it is imperative that the SMMUSD board clear up a rumor that has been circulated within Malibu by District staff.