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From the Editor

Editorial: A close, communicative encounter

by Chris Bashaw, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

While interviewing Malibu resident Megan Blake about her advocacy efforts to spread pet adoption and animal kindness awareness, something she said really stuck with me.

She told me that ever since she was a child, she...

Safety: There's a commission for that

by Chris Bashaw, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

I know I’m late to the punch, but it progressively dawned on me during the past few weeks that, yet again, the summer season is upon Malibu.

From my perspective, it began when the usually 10 or so cars waiting to turn...

From the Assistant Editor: Essay evokes fatherhood

by Chris Bashaw, Assistant Editor From the Editor

While I appreciated all of our Father’s Day contest entries, I was particularly moved by Malibu resident David Feldman’s.

You can read it for yourself on Page 24 of this issue of the Malibu Surfside News, but briefly...