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From the Editor

From the Assistant Editor: Reflecting on organ donation

by Chris Bashaw, Assistant Editor From the Editor

Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to play contact sports.

Football, lacrosse, hockey – even wrestling – my parents didn’t want to take the chance that something would go wrong.

See, I was effectively born...

From the Editor: Challenge yourself this month

by Ashleigh Fryer, Senior Editor From the Editor

In the social media age, it seems like virtually every day is dedicated to something: National Donut Day, National Cat Day, National Taco Day.

I’ll admit, mostly they’re trivial and I pay little attention to them. But once in a while,...

It’s April Fools’, Malibu

by Chris Bashaw, Assistant Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Today is April Fools’ Day, one of my least favorite, unofficial holidays.
For one, it’s not a federal holiday, so it comes only second to the manufactured, anxiety-inducing and nearly pointless Hallmark Holiday we call Valentine’s Day.