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From the Editor

From the Assistant Editor: Essay evokes fatherhood

by Chris Bashaw, Assistant Editor From the Editor

While I appreciated all of our Father’s Day contest entries, I was particularly moved by Malibu resident David Feldman’s.

You can read it for yourself on Page 24 of this issue of the Malibu Surfside News, but briefly...

Roots run deep for MHS grads

by Ashleigh Fryer, Senior Editor Opinion, From the Editor

It only seems fitting that on the same week that Malibu High School graduated its senior class of 2015, I paid a visit to my own alma mater for the first time since I graduated in 2009.
It was to speak to my cousin’s journalism class. He’s...

From the Assistant Editor: Dads will be dads

by Chris Bashaw, Assistant Editor From the Editor

Until I was probably 20, I don’t think I really “got” my dad.

See, he’s the kind of person who speaks sarcasm so fluently that unless you’re wise to it, you wouldn’t be able to tell he’s joking.