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In Memoriam: Eileen Pearl Clenard

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2:49 pm PDT August 4, 2014

Eileen Pearl Clenard, a Malibu resident from 1954-1999, passed away on April 24, 2014, at the age of 91. Building the third house on Birdview Avenue, Eileen and her husband Art were among the original “settlers” on Point Dume.

Eileen was an integral member of the Malibu Presbyterian Church, and taught at the church pre-school for many years. She managed Shannon Travel on Point Dume. Later she was very active in the Malibu Community Theater, the Malibu Senior Center and volunteered as a docent for the Adamson House.

Eileen devoted her life to community service. She had a utopian view of the world and just wanted to help and serve wherever she could. She volunteered tirelessly for activities at the church, the Malibu Library, assisted at voter polls, Camp Fire Girls and much more. She loved children and viewed them as “the future.” She took in several foster children that continued to stay in touch with her after they were grown. 

Many current Malibu residents don’t know that the State of California tried to turn Birdview Avenue into a beach parking lot through eminent domain in the 1960s, but Eileen and a handful of other local residents successfully fought it to save their homes.

Eileen loved to travel and circled the globe numerous times to visit six continents. Because of her gregarious nature, she was frequently singled out by tour guides and other locals to join their families for a real local dinner in their home, or to visit closed religious ceremonies. She extended this open attitude to people that she met traveling through Malibu and invited them into her home, which created lasting friendships and they would reciprocate the generosity in their homes abroad.

She lived an adventurous, bold life of service and was loved by many who felt her genuine quality and desire to help.

Eileen is survived by sons Jerry Bender and Rocky Clenard; daughters Lianne Clenard and Tammi Clenard; grandchildren Rodney Bender, Summer Swanwick, Sierra Buchanan, Rachael Robinson, Ian Robinson, Nina Robinson and Lily Judge; great-grandchildren Dylan, Gabriel, Sunshine, Avery, Jack, Sadie, Ivy, Tessa, Tom, Jason and Margot.

A memorial service will be held on Aug. 9 at the Malibu Presbyterian Church at 11 a.m. All are invited to attend.