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The Woodshed recording studio in Malibu houses unique instruments as well as inspiring, scenic views that have been taken in by famed artists from various genres. Photos by Barbara Burke/22nd Century Media
Indie retro pop band Purple Mountains Majesties performs a recent show in front of the Woodshed, a recording studio located at the Malibu home of Linda and Richard Gibbs.
Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter
9:45 am PDT August 11, 2017

The ability to create and compose is a gift. Sharing that gift by nurturing others’ creativity is noble.

Scores of musical geniuses are reclusive, lost in their own creative introspection as they generate new works.

However, Malibu is honored to have Richard Gibbs, a prolific musical genius who is also a generous, endearing nurturer of other artists’ endeavors.