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Malibu Middle School students (left to right) Lola Weber, as Donkey; Johnny Sheridan, as Shrek; and Ava Ray, as Fiona, act in “Shrek the Musical Jr.” Friday, Feb. 10. Photos by Suzy Demeter/22nd Century Media
Director Brigette Leonard (back, middle) is surrounded by the cast for “Shrek the Musical Jr.”
Sam Marshall, as Lord Farquaad, performs in “Shrek the Musical Jr.” on Friday, Feb. 10.
The Dragon in Shrek is played by Camille Anneet.
Malibu Middle School performs in Shrek.
Donkey, played by Lola Weber, and Shrek, played by Johnny Sheridan, perform.
Pinocchio is played by Lauren Reed, the Gingerbread Man is played by Jersie Byford and the Wicked Witch is played by Scarlett Steinberg in "Shrek the Musical Jr."
Shrek, played by Johnny Sheridan, and Fiona, played by Ava Ray, perform Friday, Feb. 10.
Malibu Middle School actors perform "Shrek the Musical Jr."
Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter
9:26 am PST February 15, 2017
Malibu Middle School performed Shrek this past weekend, thrilling and delighting audiences and offering important life lessons about individuality, empathy, tolerance and acceptance.