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Malibu’s Michael Vopatek (right) hands Gabriel House resident “Little Louie” a donation envelope during a visit to the facility in Mexico.
Gabriel House in Mexico celebrates a belated quinceañera for one of its residents. The nonprofit organization benefits from continued support from the Malibu community, which donates to its Christmas toy drive, among other efforts. Photos Submitted
Lauren Coughlin, Editor
11:52 am PDT August 8, 2017

Malibu’s Michael Vopatek describes it as his “‘Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ moment.”

While on a prosperous fishing trip in Mexico’s Baja California 10 years ago, Vopatek realized his haul was going to get freezer burn. So, armed with plenty of fresh fish and an aim to donate it, he asked the owner of the local La Fonda restaurant if he might have a worthy recipient in mind.. 

The owner promptly introduced Vopatek to fellow patrons Ted and Renie Faver, the owners of Gabriel House of Mexico..