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Malibu Adamson House Board sees changes

Malibu’s Adamson House (pictured) will be overseen by a new board president this year. Photo Submitted
Lauren Coughlin, Editor
9:28 am PST February 15, 2017

Malibu’s Adamson House Board of Directors, along with members of the Malibu Adamson House Foundation, restructured the board during its Jan. 26 annual meeting at Malibu City Hall.

Most notably, Lance Simmens, who was elected president of the Malibu Adamson House Foundation in January 2016, was removed from the board by a majority vote.

According to a Feb. 4 release on behalf of the Adamson House board, “Simmens’ objectives were not congruent with the mission statement of the Malibu Adamson House Foundation.”  

Simmens provided the following statement to the Surfside: “It was a pleasure serving as President of the Adamson House Foundation for the past year. We made some great advances and raised the visibility of this gem in the community. Our financial position is stronger, we initiated some very positive events, embarked on a badly needed reconstruction of the property, made continuing improvements on the house, and most importantly restored a very positive working relationship with our State Parks partners. It is obvious that the membership preferred a lower key style and that is their prerogative. I wish the board continued success in the future.”

During a Jan. 30 board meeting, members elected Martha Juede, who previously served as the vice president, as the new president of the foundation.

Further, Jules Hershfeld was named vice president, and the board has established subcommittees in order to more efficiently distribute each member’s time and specialties. 

“The foundation believes these changes will bring a greater ability to fulfill its mission statement, progress the Adamson House, and continue a productive relationship with California State Parks,” the board’s release stated. “The foundation is also working to improve the parking and ingress/egress at the property, updating and creating a more interactive website, and increasing the number of foundation members.”

Looking forward, Adamson House plans to welcome community members to the historical site as it hosts its Glaze-A-Tile fundraiser. It also plans to hold cultural events such as an Opera Salon. 

The Adamson House’s future may also hold more tours of the unique property, as a docent training class recently kicked off.