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Local photographer’s exhibition to open at Zuma Terrace

Pictured is local photographer and artist, Maureen Haldeman. Photos submitted
Pictured is a placard for local artist and photographer Maureen Haldeman’s exhibit at Zuma Terrace.
Chris Bashaw, Assistant Editor
2:03 pm PDT July 15, 2014

Malibu resident Maureen Haldeman’s “Liquid Light” abstract seascape photography exhibit at the D’Andria/Biek Gallery at Zuma Terrace opens to the public at 7 p.m. on July 19.

To most folks around Malibu, sunrises and sunsets are just that – points in time where the Earth’s rotation rolls us toward or away from the sun; times where the sun’s light interacts with the Earth’s atmosphere, incidentally producing an incredibly beautiful palette of colors.

But for photographers such as Haldeman, the light that occurs an hour before sunrise and an hour after sunset is as magical as it is fleeting.

“It’s lovely to represent what we see, but it’s interesting to put a little slant on it,” Haldeman said, adding that the ocean is her muse. “You could do abstracts of anything anywhere, but I care deeply about the ocean and I hope people will see it in a different light through my photography and pay more attention to it.”

To create her photographs, Haldeman said she tends to do nothing more than watch and wait for the right moment, occasionally slowing her shutter speed to give the movements of waves in her images a soft appearance.

Although impressionistic painters heavily inspire Haldeman’s photographic vision, Haldeman said she appreciates street photography, which is a style of photography that aims to explain public life through candid moments.

A Malibu resident for nearly 30 years, Haldeman has been chasing light for the past 20 years as a portrait photographer. She also taught 35mm film photography and darkroom techniques at Santa Monica Community College.

D’Andria/Biek Gallery at Zuma Terrace is located at 29350 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 4B, in Malibu.

For more information, call (310) 457-7677 or visit www.