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Malibu’s Seth Podell seeks to democratize sake

November 2, 2015 by Chris Bashaw, Editor Life & Arts

Years ago, Malibu resident Seth Podell sat alone in a Japanese restaurant, shifting a black rock between his fingers.

Although used to prop up unused chopsticks between courses, the smooth rock found itself employed to...

Ride of the Week: Pepperdine coach Robert Radnoti rocks his BMW Z4

by Fireball Tim Lawrence Life & Arts

There I was, minding my own my business in Cross Creek Park, when my wife and I spotted an old friend of ours named Noelle. 

Now, we’ve known Noelle for many years, but we never knew that she was married to the one and...

The Dish: Geoffrey’s Mailbu does salad right

by Alex Vejar, Assistant Editor Life & Arts, Dining Out

In most dining ventures, salads play a crucial role in diners’ experiences. 

With so much variety on the market, it might sometimes be difficult to find a salad that’s done just right.

But at Geoffrey’...

Malibu Playhouse to open one-man show, ‘Wonderful Life!’

by Chris Bashaw, Editor Life & Arts

A one-man stage adaptation of the classic Frank Capra film “It’s A Wonderful Life” will show 12 times at the Malibu Playhouse between opening night on Nov. 28 and closing night Dec. 20.

“Wonderful Life!” is the product...