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Meet Neptune’s Net’s new chef, Gary Byars

by Chris Bashaw, Editor Life & Arts, Dining Out

Gary Byars had a choice: He could either leave his cumulative 36 years as a chef at big-name restaurants behind him to retire, or he could bring his talent to a small mom-and-pop restaurant.

Having worked for 10 years...

The Dish: Veal a classic, tasty choice at Tramonto Malibu

by Alex Vejar, Assistant Editor Life & Arts, Dining Out

When one has a hankering for meat, it’s safe to say the thought goes almost immediately to beef or chicken. Sometimes, fish can be on that list as well. 

But for those who want a lighter alternative, but still want...

The Dish: Cauliflower ‘steak’ debuts at The Sunset in Malibu

by Chris Bashaw, Editor Life & Arts, Dining Out

Who says a steak has to come from a cow? Not Franco Simplicio, that’s for sure.

He won’t take a hard line on the issue, but the owner of the Sunset Restaurant in Malibu did hear a call from his patrons to open