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Ride of the Week: The future is electric

by Fireball Tim Lawrence Contributing Columnists, Life & Arts

Car companies are in a big boxing match. They’re getting beaned by each other saying, “Ours is the best;” “No, no, ours is the best!” But the bottom line is that we are all going to the same place. And that’s an EcoWorld. It’s like a theme park...

‘It’s in our blood, that love of food’

by Ashleigh Fryer, Senior Editor Life & Arts, Dining Out

As the Godmother’s gourmet Italian food truck hung a sharp left into the Colony Liquor parking lot, a 12-year-old Val Parker wedged herself securely between towers of pots, pans and trays of Italian sausages piled ceiling-high.

Old Malibu eateries provide look into the past

by Suzanne Guldimann, Staff Writer Life & Arts

The golden era of roadside attractions is long gone, but there was a time when Cape Cod cottages and Tiki kitsch were a key part of Malibu’s mojo.
The restaurants and hotels are all gone, or remodeled past recognizing, but ephemera like...