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Letters to the Editor: Poison Free Malibu thanks City for Bluffs preservation

Letters to the Editor: Poison Free Malibu thanks City for Bluffs preservation
9:10 am PDT May 19, 2017

Dear Editor,

Poison Free Malibu would like to thank the City Council for their decision to preserve Bluffs Park open space.

Bluffs Open Space is an example of a bluff-situated Mediterranean coastal sage scrub ecosystem. The National Park Service website states the value of this rare Mediterranean ecosystem emphatically:

“… this ecosystem type (which only occurs on about two percent of the earth’s total land area) is one of the most highly altered on the planet and contains the least undisturbed area of any ecosystem. The high degree of urbanization along the southern California coastline has resulted in the loss of significant natural areas and increasing human impacts to natural systems.”

The Coastal Commission’s 2003 special study of the Santa Monica Mountains gives the following statistic: 

“In the early 1980’s it was estimated that 85 to 90 percent of the original extent of coastal sage scrub in California had already been destroyed. Losses since that time have been significant and particularly severe in the coastal zone.”

In Bluffs Open Space we have an opportunity to save the few remaining valuable acres of this type for everyone. 

At the City Council meeting, all the City councilmembers expressed appreciation for the need for more sports facilities. Other properties are available that can potentially contribute. It was decided that these options should be given priority, while saving the irreplaceable Bluffs open space.

Kian Schulman, Malibu resident