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Letters to the Editor: Pleased with land use direction

Letters to the Editor: Pleased with land use direction
9:11 am PDT May 19, 2017

Dear Editor,

The council decision on Bluffs Park is an outright victory for Malibu, for children, our fragile environment and all visitors to our city. Thank you Skylar Peak, Rick Mullen and Jefferson Wagner.

For 20 years, previous councils gave nothing but hollow promises to children regarding new fields and a skate park. The “school parent” vote was their hallowed ticket into City Hall, so they expertly dangled the lure. In fact, a few months ago, a member of their Parks Commission stated she didn’t care if new sports fields took another 20 years to build. The old “political machine” at work. So egregious that a few years ago the previous council passed over the incredible opportunity to purchase 10 acres right on PCH for a pittance. A big developer now owns it.  

Since 2013, the last council was fully aware that the California Coastal Commission would never-ever allow them to develop Bluffs public park, covered in ESHA, into a sports “wish list” for Malibu’s use. That land was purchased by the State of California to remain forever protected for all visitors.  Parents have been blatantly manipulated and misled for political purposes. This alone is outrageous. Few realize that over 40 acres of open land exist at Malibu High School; not once have these past councils attempted to negotiate for their use. 

Now finally three members of this new council, Peak, Mullen and Wagner, have moved the sports needs of Malibu’s kids forward to first base for the first time in decades. Unlike councils before them, they have instructed the Planning staff to immediately begin the process of a new skate park in the Civic Center, on land already owned by the City. Within a few months of being elected, they are already in full process of purchasing acres of land to build more sports fields right next to City Hall. Not waiting 20 years, but moving forward today. Now one of the most rare environmentally significant parcels of land in California will remain protected, Malibu’s children will shortly have more ball fields and will be playing on a brand new skate park. A new dog park is being discussed and a swimming pool. This is an absolute win for Malibu and our children. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Rick, Skylar and Jay. You have already proven that voting for you was the right decision!

Jae Flora-Katz, Malibu resident