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Letters to the Editor: Grateful for Samarge-Powell

Letters to the Editor: Grateful for Samarge-Powell
6:52 am PDT June 15, 2017

Dear Editor,

Dr. Susan Samarge-Powell will be leaving Webster School at the end of this school year to take on a new position as SMMUSD early learning director.

We feel grateful to have had her strong and compassionate leadership for four years and will deeply miss her. Susan has helped Webster students to focus on the Character Counts program, increasing student empathy and school pride. Susan cares about every student and makes Webster School a safe and happy place for kids to learn. This nurturing school climate has helped student achievement rise. Students have voiced their appreciation for her willingness to listen to them and her kindness, caring and sense of humor. As teachers, we have appreciated her strong, unwavering support for us and her inspiring leadership. Webster School will miss Susan Samarge-Powell, but her legacy of kindness will remain behind.

Webster Elementary School teachers