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Letters to the Editor

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3:32 pm PDT August 18, 2014

Letters to the Editor

Ballot initiative is not ‘Reiner Initiative’
To  one and all who keep trying to paint the “Your Malibu, Your Decision” ballot initiative as the “Reiner Initiative” or the deep pocket Rob Reiner “takeover Malibu” Initiative with his Hollywood friends — per Paul Grisanti 8/7 Malibu Times — I would like to provide the following clarification.
I have been involved in meetings with Malibu residents who care about Malibu to get a formula ordinance and an initiative for residents to vote on large commercial development years before the Reiners ever stepped up to help us. Malibu should be so thankful to them for investing in Malibu’s future.
The real deep pockets are the developers who have always counted on the fact that citizens don’t have enough money to hire lawyers and get an initiative on the ballot. It is expensive and consumes your life.  
We need help from everyone and thank goodness for the Reiners and all others who give freely to preserve our unique and amazing city.  
Follow the money, folks. The citizens of Malibu do not make money out of trying to preserve our city. The developers make mega millions. The doom and fear tactics that big money always brings forth for any initiative that might protect citizens and limit the billions at stake for them (remember Monsanto and labeling GMOs) always occurs.  
It is up to us to not be manipulated.  Be informed, read the initiative — we are not inventing the wheel here. Many cities have already implemented initiatives just like “Your Malibu, Your Decision” and they have not gone bankrupt or lost their medical facilities or any of the other ridiculous claims the real deep pockets want you to believe.

Carla McCloskey
Malibu resident

Pandora’s Box
After all kinds of different environmental testing was said and done and scientists, experts and even the law state that the only safe solution is to remove all the PCBs entirely out of all the buildings built before 1979, the unanswered questions remains, why the SMMUSD, the City Council and politicians are still declining to do anything serious about it?
So who profits in putting the health of 1500 students and the staff at stake?
After extended research we decided to dig deeper and figure out the origin of PCBs in building construction. The almost exclusive provider of PCBs is Monsanto.
These days Monsanto has been in the media regarding GMOs and GEs but having taken a closer look into the past of the company it turns out that they have been involved in almost every health and environmental scandal for the last  6 decades.
PCBs. Agent Orange, Dioxin, GMO, Aspartame, growth hormones and herbicides (Roundup) just to name a few all contributed to the fortune Monsanto has made and established it to one of the most powerful companies worldwide.
For a company like Monsanto it would mean nothing to remove the PCBs entirely from our schools but they are well aware that this would be the tip of the iceberg and that we did not only open a can of worms but Pandora’s box.
In recent years there have been many successful lawsuits against Monsanto and they know that this is not only a problem that affects some schools, it potentially affects numerous public building or schools nationwide built or remodeled between 1950 and 1979.
So this could turn into a much larger law suit than the ones against the tobacco industry since way more people are, unknowingly, affected!
Imagine all the students that attended contaminated school all over the US between 1950 and now - that would add up to an impressive number of plaintiffs!
Since the relation between present PCBs and various types of cancer is proven that might even be an explanation for the rising cancer rates among young children and adolescents.
So now that we know the provider of the culprit it is time to act not only in Malibu but nationwide in order to protect the health and wellbeing of our children!
Malibu Unites

Malibu and Urgent Care
We would like to clarify the issues relating to the future of Malibu Urgent Care and the Reiner initiative.
Malibu Urgent Care can stay at their current location for at least another decade.  The only issue is space  — or lack of.  Their ability to treat more patients immediately is hindered by the few exam rooms they have now.  And one bathroom is sometimes a hardship when the clinic is full of patients.
The new location for Malibu Urgent Care across PCH is part of a new proposed development.  This space would be double the current size and accommodate so much more: additional exam rooms plus a CT scanner plus a cardiac rehab program.  These are a few of our goals for this future expanded state-of-the-art clinic.
The proposed Reiner initiative would not affect Malibu Urgent Care from staying in their current location.  But it would affect the new and expanded Malibu Urgent Care location from ever becoming a reality.
Friends of Malibu Urgent Care is a 501(c)3 CA nonprofit organization that fundraises via donations and grants to help achieve these future goals for expansion and creating a one-stop medical center for all of Malibu.
We hope that our community understands that our goals are to improve the local healthcare that is available to all of us.  We are simply acting in what we believe are the best interests of Malibu by supporting the expansion of Malibu Urgent Care at this proposed new location.

Friends of Malibu Urgent Care
Helene Eisenberg, President
Jack Evans, Vice-President
Marlene Matlow, Secretary