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Letter to the Editor: Smear campaigns are unacceptable

Letter to the Editor: Smear campaigns are unacceptable
2:30 pm PDT March 17, 2014

I’ve lived in Southern California my whole life, but it wasn’t until I spoke with one of my neighbors that I was able to verbalize what it means to live in Malibu: “Every day is a blessing.”  

I’m grateful for each day I spend in this city and being part of this community.

Laura Rosenthal recently appointed me as a Commissioner to the City of Malibu’s Department of Parks and Recreation. Given my education in environmental law and public policy, I was honored for the opportunity to have a positive impact on issues near and dear to me. 

Being on the Commission and on the executive board of Point Dume Marine Science School’s PTA has made me aware of important implications surrounding the upcoming City Council election. Attending the Malibu West City Council forum further confirmed my views. 

Over the past four years, Laura has worked tirelessly on numerous challenges: providing our public schools with a voice by founding Advocates for Malibu Public Schools, restricting dangerous pesticides and implementing safety measures on PCH, to name just a few.  

Laura has fostered relationships with various agencies, providing the City with the legitimacy needed to bring about local change.

Being aware of Laura’s track record and personal integrity makes it especially difficult from me to stomach the smear campaigns run by her competitors. It is an embarrassment and degradation upon the entire City of Malibu that certain candidates resort to outright lies to win votes. 

When Laura is reelected, she will continue the beneficial work she began this term. Under Laura’s leadership, I see the formation of Malibu’s own school district, one dedicated to excellence in education for the Malibu community. I also see the continuation of sound environmental stewardship, including initiatives devoted to conservation and preservation.  

Upon Laura’s re-election, I see a Malibu we will all be honored to live in; where every day is truly a blessing. 

Roui Israel, Malibu resident