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Letter to the editor

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4:56 pm PDT August 12, 2014

PCH traffic is a daily summer disaster

Keeping Pacific Coast Highway open 24 hours a day, seven days a week should be the number-one priority of the City of Malibu.

Approximately 37 miles of PCH on both sides of the Ventura/LA County line in zip code 90265. The City of Los Angeles and the City of Santa Monica occupy a total of three miles on PCH, but these cities cause headaches, heartaches and anger for everyone who uses PCH every day. 

Both the City of LA and the City of Santa Monica constantly abuse the users of PCH with unnecessary delays, closures and tie-ups that should never occur. Courtesy to all of us should be the rule for both cities, but they have discarded courtesy and abuse all of us who use PCH daily.

On Monday, it took me two and a half hours to travel from Point Dume to Beverly Hills for a minor cataract surgery. 

I held up seven people. Why? No coherent or coordinated traffic policy on PCH – the Jewel of the Malibu, LA and Santa Monica traffic corridor. 

Why is LA replacing its sewers in the middle of the summer – the most crowded time of the year on PCH during rush hour traffic? Why did Santa Monica shut down all but one lane on PCH for most of the highway through Santa Monica between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Monday?

Several days ago, we had the State of the City of Malibu breakfast attended by Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, who complained about the horrific traffic on PCH in the morning to reach Malibu City Hall at 8:30 am for a free breakfast for him. All of our LA County and City of Malibu, Santa Monica and LA politicians complain about PCH, but not one of them does anything at all to alleciate the traffic.

Putting more busses, light rail or subways on PCH does nothing and all of that increases traffic and clogs the highways, especially PCH. We need, once and for all, a monorail around LA on every freeway and down PCH from San Francisco to San Diego – now. 

We need a visionary, not a career politician who claims she is broke to run for Supervisor. The old solutions are not working. We need new ideas, not recycled old Dobie Gillis reruns for LA County and down PCH.

Dangerous bicycling that should be banned on PCH, banning sewers in Malibu is crazy talk, whales and dolphins off Malibu, banning chain stores in Malibu, holding hearings on every single permit application, building a ridiculously ugly park, putting up no parking signs brain surgeons can’t read, towing cars off at Zuma, sending out a message that Malibu hates tourists, banning parking at Paradise Code and not at Geoffrey’s or Moon Shadows which have many more accidents, putting up parking meters like all other LA County Beach Cities do, making the County and Zev give the City of Malibu Zuma Beach parking revenues. 

Maybe our new Supervisor Bobby Shriver will give us Zuma Beach as a source of revenue for Malibu. Setting up DUI checkpoints and spending outrageous amounts of money on them instead of setting up a Dial-A-Ride or a local trolley after 7 p.m. each night as other cities who care for their citizens do would make more sense. 

Making Malibu business-friendly and resident and tourist friendly would be great, making MTA put in a bus line that goes from PCH up Malibu Canyon to the 101 and back to PCH on Kanan and up to County Line for our kids to go surfing and wind surfing and to go to Agoura, Calabasas and Westlake, putting in stores like Trader Joes and World Markets in Malibu, rethinking letting Jerry Perenchio put in his shopping center with a Lucky Strike bowling alley and ice skating rink for our kids to enjoy Malibu and not have to go to Santa Monica, Westlake or Calabasas to find something to do, cleaning up our public school toxic pollution, setting up a local Malibu PD, putting in a decent restaurant on the Malibu Pier, reopening the Malibu Courthouse, and most of all making it easy to traverse PCH at all times.

Cityhood for Malibu has been a disaster. If we had elected Judge John Merrick and Paul Shoop to the Council, we would all be better off than electing amateurs, curmudgeons, self-serving elitists who have no clue how to govern or deal with the important issues that affect all of us, not just some myopic loudmouthed constituency. 

Bicycling on PCH is the most dangerous thing to ever happen in Malibu, and it should be banned now.

Santa Monica and LA have a duty to get their business done on PCH quickly and not take two years to put in sewer pipes or do construction simultaneously on hot summer days. Do the work in segments like the 10 freeway was repaired after the earthquake in 57 days and not two years. We are all made prisoners on PCH every day by the incompetence of the Public Works departments of LA and Santa Monica, and they do nothing attitude of our Malibu City Council. 

Santa Monica: stop trash collection during morning rush hours on PCH also. Have some compassion for us drivers on PCH, since our own Malibu City Council could care less since it is off in La-La Land with fringe issues. 

Time for more youth on our next City Council. The old foggies are not doing right by Malibu.

Pat Maginnis

Point Dume Resident