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Letter to the Editor: The time is fast approaching

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3:03 pm PDT August 4, 2014

Summer break is almost over and we have another three more weeks to decide whether or not we will send our kids back to our three contaminated Malibu schools.

Most of our children love their schools, teachers and friends, most of us parents feel the same.

And this is why it is a hard decision.

Right now cleaning and testing is being performed at the affected schools, and we parents would have loved to believe the school district and City Council that after the testing is done, everything will be fine. Unfortunately they are not testing properly to identify the magnitude of contamination in the classrooms. The independent test results published two weeks ago confirmed that we at Malibu High/Juan Cabrillo have the highest contamination levels ever documented in classrooms nationwide. Since there is no plan on behalf of the school district to remove the source of the contamination this is really disturbing.

Now, after having spoken to Hugh Kaufman, the most experienced engineer/investigator at the USEPA he confirmed that only removal of the source and thorough testing will guarantee that our children are safe.

The problem here is empiricism — the last year has shown that we as parents have to double check all the results and all the statements made by the officials, which is really sad.

Furthermore it is common knowledge that wipe testing is a nice avocation but does not provide any evidence that the toxins are gone for good.

So for us it is NOT a difficult decision whether or not sending our children back in fall, since we strongly believe that we, as parents, are responsible for the health and future of our precious children!

Lea Millesi, Malibu resident