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Letter to the Editor: There is a listenership for Malibu radio

Letter to the Editor: There is a listenership for Malibu radio
3:00 pm PDT April 14, 2014

Dear Editor,

Robert Fox’s letter denigrating efforts to establish an FM radio station in Malibu is puzzling to say the least. He says that the people involved in the project “have little or no experience in the radio industry,” “are wishing on a star” and will “be faced by overwhelming challenges.” He also suggests that radio is dying and that Malibu does not need the station.

It is expected that the station will carry programming from Los Angeles area NPR affiliates (KCRW and KPPC), as well as KPFK and KUSC (classical music), which now cannot be heard throughout Malibu. It will also carry local news and programming, and it will be commercial free. There is a listenership for such programming in Malibu. The station will be a valuable asset for our community. The people working on the project, Hans Laetz and his colleagues are investing substantial time, effort and money with scant likelihood of reward. They should be encouraged, not criticized. To mix metaphors, it is baffling that Mr. Fox would rain on the parade before it starts and write an obituary before conception.  

Adele Pollard and Hank Pollard

Malibu residents