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Letter to the Editor: F-grade spotlights Esplanade project

Letter to the Editor: F-grade spotlights Esplanade project
3:01 pm PDT April 14, 2014

Dear Editor,

The F-grade Malibu received on a historic preservation report card from the LA Architectural Conservancy has generated debate and discussion in the community. The Malibu Beach Esplanade supporters join the discussion and welcome the attention it brings to the local designated historic landmarks. The Adamson House, Serra House and the Malibu Pier. 

These sites have been the inspiration and focus of the Malibu Beach Esplanade nonprofit for the past two decades. The goal being to link these sites along the path of the Esplanade using the existing Spanish Colonial architecture as the unifying design theme while creating safe access and a much needed aesthetic element presently not available. The construction plans are completely requiring only an update and approval.

Hopefully this attention will spark interest in the City to approve the request by the nonprofit for inclusion of the Malibu Beach Esplanade walkway/linear park/project in the Civic Center Plan/Circulation System, Design Guidelines (10/28/13).

In summary, the Esplanade has drawn on the lure of our regional landmarks. The beautiful Adamson House and gardens with the famous Malibu tiles are a tribute to the spirit of the individuals who founded Malibu. The Surfrider Beach is an internationally known surfing mecca, and the Malibu Pier is a recognized icon. Each deserves proper access and recognition. The Malibu Beach Esplanade offers, connecting all in a Linear Park, with access to the commercial core and Civic Center of the city, and creating an opportunity for true appreciation of the legendary and very special place called Malibu.

Ann Ryan, President Malibu Beach Esplanade

Malibu resident