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Sharks show dominance in first-round CIF game

Ashleigh Fryer, Senior Editor
12:37 pm PDT May 27, 2014

The Malibu High School baseball team rocketed through the first round of CIF playoffs on Thursday, May 22, with a 17-1 victory over Cal Lutheran High School at Malibu High School. 

The big win came after the Sharks entered into a five-way, first-place tie in the Frontier League, forcing the five teams to go into an extra round of games to determine playoff placement. The Sharks topped Santa Paula 5-4 on May 16 to gain the No. 1 seed in the league and home field advantage for their first game. 

Although the Sharks maintained a lead over Cal Lutheran from the first inning, the barrage of runs by Malibu began in the bottom of the second, when abunt from Cade McMillin brought in two runs. A hard double up the third base line from Chase Lambert brought in another two, giving the Sharks a 5-0 edge going into the third inning. 

From there Cal Lutheran was unable to stop the bleeding. The team went through three pitching changes, but the Sharks kept in pace with all of them, scoring a whopping six runs in the bottom of the sixth and continuing to score in every remaining inning of the game. 

Sharks head coach Ari Jacobs knows the game served his team well in more ways than one. Having taken a large lead midway through the game, Jacobs was able to take star pitcher Noah Simon off the mound to save his arm for this week’s match-up against another No. 1 seeded team, Flintridge Prep. 

Several innings on the mound from Andre Simoneau and Declan Sheridan produced no runs for Cal Lutheran and kept the Sharks in rally mode throughout the game.

In addition to replacing Simon, Jacobs burned through his line-up of newly promoted junior varsity players, who came up to the varsity level to assist the team in playoffs. 

“We know all playoffs games are not going to be 17-1 victories,” Jacobs said. “We’re ready for a battle from here on out.”

That battle will take at Malibu High School against Flintridge Prep at 3:15 p.m. on Tuesday, May 27. The results from that game will be available at