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Lacrosse: Sharks fall 15-8 to rival Lions

Chris Bashaw, Assistant Editor
1:21 pm PDT March 25, 2014

Fatigue and a lack of manpower were what Sharks head coach Mark DeOliveira attributed to the downfall of the Malibu High School lacrosse team, who lost 15-8 to rivals Oaks Christian on Friday, March 21.

“We were winning at times and we were right in the game, but our lack of numbers really proves to be a tough obstacle to overcome,” DeOliveira said. “We have no depth and we’re dead-tired at the end of a game. We have a light roster and not many substitutions. At the end of the game, we’re having a hard time just keeping up with them.”

But for what the Sharks may have lacked in firepower, DeOliveira said, they made up for with their dedication.

“I’m really impressed with the heart of our team,” he said, “and even the other coach said he was impressed with it, too.” 

The match against Oaks Christian was marked by a torrent of checks and physical play on Oaks Christian’s behalf, a dynamic that Sharks assistant coach Danno Lynch said the team was prepared for.

“We saw them against Palisades last Friday night and they were very aggressive there, so we knew that, but I think we did a great job protecting the ball,” Lynch said. “We were really with them the whole game and the score doesn’t show what the effort put in was like.”

Ultimately, DeOliveira said his team broke down in the fourth quarter from fatigue, a factor that also lead the team to a 10-3 loss against Oak Park on March 18.

“We just get worn down in the fourth quarter,” he said. “In these past two games against top opponents, they put on a few goals in the fourth quarter and pull away.”

Lynch said that even with a light roster aside, the Sharks could improve their game if they devote more time to practicing passing, catching and shooting.

“The fundamental stuff is just what broke down today,” he said. “We were trying to do all of the ‘X’s and ‘O’s in practice, and we don’t have much time to do basic stick work . . . It was our fundamentals in this game, not a lack of heart, and that’s kind of the easiest thing to work on.”