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Gold Hunt ushers Gaelic gaiety to Legacy Park

Fredi Fink-Kamins, 1, reaches into a pot of gold during the Gold Hunt event Thursday, March 16, at Malibu’s Legacy Park. Photos by Alex Vejar/22nd Century Media
Hugo Rodriguez (right), 4, receives a face painting during the Thursday, March 16 Gold Hunt at Legacy Park in Malibu.
Emma Grace Hall, 1, squirts a glob of glue onto construction paper during the Gold Hunt Thursday, March 16, at Malibu’s Legacy Park.
Miss North Hollywood Rachel DeAngelis (left) and Morgan Gannes, an actress dressed as Princess Anna from “Frozen,” pose for a photo during the Gold Hunt, held last week in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.
Liliana Morales reads a story to a group of children during Malibu’s annual Gold Hunt, held at Legacy Park on Thursday, March 16.
Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter
2:29 pm PDT March 20, 2017

The littlest of Malibuites started St. Patrick’s Day festivities a tad early Thursday, March 16, at Legacy Park by hunting for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and having loads of fun along the way. 

This year’s event was the seventh annual Gold Hunt, which is a joint effort of the City of Malibu and the Malibu Library.

The children sat in wide-eyed wonder as the event kicked off with a festive storytime with Liliana Morales, the seanchaí for the day.

“Leprechauns are fairies who can grant wishes,” Morales said as she read a book to curious and wiggling, wee wanes.

Little Max, 7, and Sam Wasserman, 5, joined in the fun with their mom, Tamara, who is half Irish and comes from a wonderful clan. She’s a Hogan.

The brothers were very smitten with Princess Anna of “Frozen,” who made a special appearance at the event and donned her finest green garb in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

“It was great!” Max exclaimed. “I met the Disney Princess Anna and she wore green. I love her!”

Sam, who also was very enamored with the princess’ beauty, exclaimed coyly “I loved saying ‘hi’ to Anna!” 

Tamara smiled as her boys gushed. 

But the fun was just beginning.

Those silly leprechauns left their footprints and lots of shamrocks strewn all throughout Legacy Park’s paths.  

The curious little ones followed each footstep along the path, trying to find the leprechauns and, perhaps even more importantly, a pot of gold.

“Where is it?” one child asked.

Another, waxing philosophical, reasoned “Well, they took their time and hid it. They’re very tricky, you know.”

Along the way, every little one got a lucky pot from Lucky the Leprechaun’s loot. As they grabbed their little gift pot filled with candies and a rainbow-colored eraser, a few children looked curiously and intensely around. 

“Didn’t the storyteller say there were leprechauns and magic fairies about?” they wondered. 

Finally, they found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! 

What luck!

Of course, the merry bunch had delicious snacks to celebrate.

All things that are glorious came together at once, as must be the case on St. Patrick’s Day.  

Magical bubbles floated overhead as the children got their faces painted and watched tricks performed by Micah the Magician. 

“How did you do that?” a curious child asked the magician.

“It’s magic of course,” another child answered.

As the children left, bedecked in face-painted shamrocks and holding their lucky loot, several wee wanes took one final look over their shoulders. 

“Where in the world is that silly leprechaun?” they wondered. “He must be here somewhere.” 

Perhaps next year he will show his face.

Only time — and luck — will tell!