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What do you do with your spare time, Malibu?

Ashleigh Fryer, Senior Editor
11:34 am PST February 4, 2014

Growing up with a sister just two years my senior, everything was a competition; sports, academics, wardrobes — you name it.

Of course, this resulted in years of screaming matches and taunts as to why my softball skills, my report card, my prom dress, were better than hers. But one thing I do, and always will, capitulate to my sister on is her inclination for turning her hobbies into works of art. 

My phone is filled with pictures from my sister of tabletops made of pennies, throw rugs made of intricately woven sheets, handcrafted candles, coconut butter lip balm and necklaces made of doilies. The list goes on.

That is why this week’s feature stories on Malibu Honey and Malibu Monkey intrigued me so deeply. I’ve always been interested and, admittedly, a little envious of people who use their imagination to create something concrete, even something edible. 

Inevitably there is a deeper story behind those creative hobbies. Whether you’re like Matthew Gibbons, who used his lemonade to alleviate his frustrations over beach-bound traffic, or you simply create to escape your every day life, hobbies have stories and those stories are fascinating. 

What’s more, there seems to be a plethora of residents in this community who use their free time to turn their unlikely hobbies into a source of income. Photographers, artists and chefs by the dozens call this place home and garner inspiration from their surroundings to craft original, authentic and outstanding works of art.

And since I can’t create in that respect, I’d love to live vicariously through the Malibuites who are blessed with the kinds of talents that result in items like basil-infused limeade or hand-crafted honey produced in your own backyard. 

If you have an interesting hobby or side business, the Surfside News wants to hear about it. The best way to get below the surface of community is not by second-hand observation, but by getting to know what makes its people passionate and the unique things that passion produces.