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We just do what we do

Chris Bashaw, Assistant Editor
4:55 pm PDT August 12, 2014

A moment of clarity came to me as I was spoke with Malibu resident Gary Richardson this week.

Ashleigh Fryer, the editor of this newspaper, was interviewing Gary’s wife Alison about the soap she makes while I was reviewing a few of the photos on my camera to make sure everything looked all right.

Gary furnishes incredibly beautiful pieces of furniture that seem to be lovingly placed about the couple’s home, which he also designed.

He and I began chit-chatting for a while, but then he said something about how he thought it was great that I could see a scene and know how to make a photograph from it.

It’s not something I often think about, because I shoot many photos for the Malibu Surfside News, and many more for myself in my leisure time; it’s just what I do.

I thought about Gary’s comment for a bit, turned to the woodworker and said, “Well, I think it’s amazing how you could probably look at a tree stump and see the artistic potential it holds. I would just see a tree stump.”

Then came the moment of clarity: Gary and I, along with anyone with any sort of artistic itch, are all on similar journeys: While we may not use the same media or means, our implicit goals are to show other people how we see things about the world, or the world itself. We pick up a camera, a chisel, a paint brush or a pen and just do what we do because we know we have to do it.

It’s neither a novel idea nor one I haven’t come across before, but it seems to reinvent itself through every person with a passion who I meet. I welcome it like an old friend.