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Heather Warthen, Managing Editor
3:00 pm PDT April 14, 2014

As a writer and editor for more than a decade, I’ve gotten into the habit of writing everything down. If I take the time to write it down, I feel that most of the time, I’m bound to remember it.

Right? Well, that’s not always the case. My schedule is one that is seemingly filled with activities for a steady 16 hours each day and while most of the events that make it into my iCal on my iPhone, there has always been the ones that manage to slip through my Post-It note reminders that come reinforced by iPhone reminders. 

My guess is that my busy and demanding schedule is similar to those of Malibu residents with the need to sometimes be in five different places at once. While you manage to follow through and get to all five, there’s still that one important thing that you have sometimes forgotten about – yard waste pickup day (whoops), registration deadlines (guilty here) or to sign a permission slip for an upcoming field trip (luckily, my mom never missed one and that was before iPhones). 

Recently, you saw us unveil brand new websites and so far the feedback has been nothing but positive. With those new sites come a reminder to let us help make your life easier by signing up for our email newsletters. To avoid situations like the ones I mentioned earlier, our Need to Know emails give you that quick reminder or necessary tidbit of information that can save you from missing a deadline again. 

There have also been plenty of times where I see on my friends’ social media feeds a new restaurant that hosted a swanky opening or a fun festival that was held the past weekend. Then I begin to wonder why I seemed to be the last to know about it. By signing up for our Weekly Scoop emails – Weekly Scoop: Kids and Weekly Scoop: Weekend – we’ll make sure you’re the first to know about the latest restaurant trends, weekend entertainment and cultural events taking place in the Malibu area.

And  just like everyone in town, I’ve been stuck on Pacific Coast Highway in copious amounts of traffic and wondering why on earth I haven’t moved more than 2 feet in 20 minutes. Had I known what was going on, I could have easily avoided that headache and found an alternate route to avoid the area. By signing up for our Breaking News email newsletters, you can forget about being stuck in traffic and not knowing what happened when you saw those fire trucks come roaring past. We will send you only the important information that is newsworthy. 

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