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Putting health where it belongs: front and center

Lauren Coughlin, Editor
10:51 am PDT April 5, 2017

We all know the essentials: drink plenty of water, exercise, take your vitamins, find time to do the things you enjoy and get plenty of sleep. 

But more often than not, in my own experience, my physical and emotional health falls in and out of focus as I strive to complete all the other tasks at hand. I love running, yoga, dancing, hiking and reading, yet I don’t do any of them nearly as much as I wish I could. 

And while I wouldn’t say that I’m unhealthy, there’s certainly room for some improvement and continuity in my own life. This week’s issue contains some inspiration for those of you who may be in the same boat as me.

On Page 14, there is a story about Malibu author Lisa Cypers Kamen’s new book, “Are We Happy Yet? Eight Keys to Unlocking a Joyful Life,” which strives to unlock a more positive outlook for anyone who could use a boost. As you may have read in the story, Cypers Kamen is a positive psychology coach, and she was clinically depressed at one stage of her life. Her philosophical approach focuses on acceptance and action, and she’s helped veterans, herself and countless others over the years.

We all know that mental health is important, but for many it’s not something we’re conscious about in the day-to-day. 

Further into this week's issue, you’ll also find the Surfside’s Healthy Living Guide. 

In it, you’ll hear from Malibu Fitness, various retailers in Country Mart and Malibu Village newcomer eBikes Electric Bikes, among others. 

Luckily, Malibu has an abundance of resources for spiritual, emotional and physical health — and, I might add, a lot of really, really delicious smoothie and acai bowl options — for those looking to get their goals on track. 

It’s just a matter of setting those goals, and stopping at nothing to accomplish them.  

Not sure where to start? Well, we just may have some suggestions.