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Malibu, what can you ‘Mali-Do’?

Chris Bashaw, Assistant Editor
4:07 pm PDT April 28, 2014

When I was in college, many moons ago, I led the editorial staff of a little online magazine.

The publication was geared toward “uncovering the hidden gems of Southern California,” so there were a variety of topics to choose from, not least of which were artists, musicians, restaurants, issues, etc.

I have to admit that one of my favorite pieces of content was a weekly crafting tutorial one of my friends was able to put together.

Every week I became increasingly impressed with this person’s resourcefulness as she demonstrated how to decorate old bowls and turn them into holiday centerpieces, or an earring rack she crafted from an old picture frame and some chicken wire.

In many ways, I felt my friend was giving a gift to people and the adage about teaching a man to fish came to mind.

Inspired by this memory of her work, last week, I photographed City of Malibu Emergency Services Coordinator Brad Davis as he demonstrated how to perform CPR. My intent with the tutorial was much along the same lines as my friend: Show people how to do something, and you can help make their lives easier.

Malibu, I want to see what you can Mali-Do – that is, if you have a simple skill or craft that can be illustrated in a few easy steps (perhaps less than 10) and want to share that with the community, I’d love to stop by and take some photos of you doing it.

If you’d like to reach out and suggest an idea for a Mali-Do, email me at