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Malibu is a home away from home

Ashleigh Fryer, Senior Editor
12:26 pm PDT March 25, 2014

It hit me as I was brainstorming birthday celebration ideas for my mom: Malibu has become more than just my place of work.

Of course for any nature-loving person, like my mom, Malibu is a great place to hike, swim, explore and do just about anything. But, I realized that my job here has given me insights into some of the lesser known and more scenic places in town.

It’s only been six months since I first started my journalism journey in Malibu (some of you might be thinking it seems like far longer, and I whole-heartedly agree), but I feel as if the community has engaged me in such a way that I feel more at home here than I do almost anywhere else. 

So, yes, my mom, a backpacking aficionado and outdoor enthusiast, will enjoy the day that I’ve planned hiking and wine tasting in the Santa Monica Mountains, but even more than that, I’m excited for her to spend time within a place that I’ve grown to deeply appreciate, both for the reasons that are apparent on the surface and for what lies beneath.

She’ll love the ocean views, but what she’ll really appreciate is the barista at the local Starbucks who remembers my name and my usual drink order, the occasional MHS parent who will greet me with a smile and a wave around town, or the scenic shortcuts I’ve learned to avoid beach traffic.

And even if it’s only for the day that we spend here for her birthday, I’m sure she’ll love Malibu just as much as I do.