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Malibu’s a community of characters

Chris Bashaw, Assistant Editor
10:16 am PDT June 24, 2014

was elated to hear from Malibu resident Karen Smythe this week that her black, burmese cat “Kool Kat” achieved his therapy animal certification from Love On A Leash at the end of May.

I met Kool Kat a month or so ago while covering a Bank of Books event that he attended as part of his therapy animal certification training.

Smythe told me during a phone call earlier in the week preceding the event that Kool Kat was a very calm and quiet cat.

Seeing him quietly sit on a brown leather chair with a leash attached to his collar was a sight that forced a happy grin across my face.

As I photographed the scene, I watched as children would leave their parents’ sides to go pet Kool Kat.

Children being as they are with quick and sudden movements, I half-expected Kool Kat to display some sense of nervousness or uneasiness, but I was wrong.

Instead, Kool Kat sat quietly and watched as children approached him with outstretched hands. As they stroked his fur, his eyes would half-close until they darted open again as something else caught his attention.

I love Kool Kat, but I also love what he represents: You really never know what or who you’re going to come across in Malibu – be they human or feline.

Truly, this is a community of characters in the best sense of the phrase.