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From the Editor: Playoffs may be my favorite time of year

Ashleigh Fryer, Senior Editor
2:37 pm PST February 27, 2014

There’s nothing like a good playoff game. 

As I sat in the stands watching the sun set over the Malibu High School soccer field on a cloudless 70 degree Malibu winter day, it reinforced for me, once again, why this job is so unique. 

While the responsibilities of a senior editor in this community are as varied as they are numerous, I have to admit, spending my evenings covering Malibu’s different sports teams has been one of the responsibilities I’ve looked forward to most. It’s been an honor and a joy of mine to have watched the players throughout season and, slowly but surely, be able to associate names with cap numbers and jersey numbers. 

Writing sports has been the best orientation to this community that I could’ve asked for. Watching the boys soccer team defeat St. Genevieve 6-0 in the first round of playoffs last week cemented that sentiment. 

Not only watching the game, but watching and overhearing the reactions of the crowd was both enlightening and uplifting. The stands were filled with players from almost every sport — baseball, girls soccer, water polo, boys and girls basketball, volleyball. They had all come together in support of the greater unit — MHS — which is exactly what good neighbors do.

The fact that a congregation of high school students could serve as a microcosm for the community at large was pleasantly surprising. In a community where it is often said that young people do not have proper or adequate outlets for their energy, it was a positive change to see that statement proved false, if only momentarily. 

The positivity of the experience was due not only to the students, but to the parents as well. Countless moms and dads turned amateur photographers dotted the sidelines, snapping shots of key plays and sweat-drenched, elated faces of players as they piled off the field after the victory. 

But, as cliche as it sounds, the score was nowhere near as important as the pure enjoyment of it all.

As I walked across the field with the last of the spectators and players shuffling through the grass, I heard head coach Julian Wright call to the stragglers, “Don’t forget to go to the girls playoff game tomorrow!”

So, from all of us at the Surfside News, a big congratulations to all of the winter sports teams; whether you’re making your way through playoffs or your season has already come to an end, you’ve all made Malibu proud.