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Digesting all the details

Lauren Coughlin, Editor
6:41 am PDT March 16, 2017

Please allow me to state the obvious. 

No matter how hard one tried, they simply cannot capture a year’s worth of findings in a single article. Add onto that four hours of discussion, and the impossibility is daunting.

Our Page 5 cover story on the Malibu Unification Negotiation Committee’s report will absolutely give you a taste of some of the key points in the proposed terms of the SMMUSD split, but there is much more to be said and read.

Perhaps you’ve followed the issue closely since Day 1. Maybe you have already gone to MUNC meetings yourself, or maybe you are planning to go to the March 27 Malibu City Council meeting to hear more. Better yet, perhaps you have pored over the MUNC’s 69-page report and/or the PowerPoint the committee presented last week.

Whatever your preferred approach, I encourage you to dig in. Sure, the report is not exactly a page turner, but it’s something that will impact Malibu greatly.   

Last week was a giant step closer to a vote, but there are still opportunities for the community to speak up — and now is the time. The split isn’t going to happen overnight, and while some may be frustrated by that realization, it has its perks, too. 

There is a lot of complicated material to digest, but now is the time to do so.

On another school related note, SMMUSD is also expected to discuss plans to replace Malibu Middle School building E during its Thursday, March 16, meeting at Malibu City Hall. 

Staff is recommending replacement of the middle school building instead of the previously approved plan to modernize the existing building,” a release from SMMUSD notes. “Parents, students and community members are invited to attend the presentation that will include the plans, simulated views, lighting and other details.”

The meeting will allow for public comment, as well, but a vote is not scheduled for the meeting. Written comments may be submitted to Carey Upton at

It’s a busy but exciting time for SMMUSD, particularly as it pertains to Malibu.