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A beautiful outpouring of love

Lauren Coughlin, Editor
9:14 am PST February 14, 2017

I’m impressed.

We ended up with a total of 13 beautiful stories of how Malibu residents met. 

Each story was unique, and it was my pleasure to be able to read them and get such a personal glimpse into that special moment in your lives. To those who submitted, I cannot thank you enough.

There were fate-fueled stories such as that of Bob and Jackie Sutton (who began dating as a result of a coin toss), and Ruth and David Gomez (who met at a wedding on Valentine’s Day). There were the stories that showed that good things do come around, such as those of Lisa Jo Cohen and Gregg Angell, as well as Pat Shafer Falkner and Avery Falkner.

I could go on, but there’s no point in me rehashing all of the scenarios, because nobody can tell them quite like those who have lived them.

Here, you will find the sweet story of contest winners, John and Nanci Iannone. 

For me, it was the last line that sealed it: “We’re now married 10 years, blissfully ensconced here in the most beautiful place on earth, with a cat in the yard and a purple motorcycle for the canyons, and every anniversary we look up to the skies and thank those two moms who were wise enough to know that all good things really do come to those who wait.” 

It was truly a beautiful conclusion to an already amazing love story.

I know how much effort went into writing each essay, so we are sharing the rest of the submissions in full here