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Back to school they go

Ashleigh Fryer, Senior Editor
3:30 pm PDT August 18, 2014

The first day of school was always an interesting one for me.
Ever the procrastinator, I would’ve inevitably waited until 9 p.m. on the eve of the first day of school, and be frantically rushing to complete long-assigned summer reading projects, while simultaneously painting my nails to keep up appearances and deciding which pair of jeans I’d worn too much the year before. Looking outdated would be social suicide.
I’d stress and gripe and exclaim that this summer had been the best ever — why did it have to end?
And somehow, through the chaos, I’d wake up the next morning — no doubt 30 minutes later than I should’ve — roll myself out of bed, throw on whatever chic ensemble I’d crafted for the big day and find myself at the steps of the school as the first bell was going off.
And somehow, I’d always secretly be happy that I was there. I’d secretly be thumbing through the pages of my textbooks, hunting for signs of someone’s past academic life — doodles scrawled next to algebraic formulas, faces drawn on long-forgotten US presidents — attempting to uncover the mysterious life of its previous owner. I’d secretly be excited as each teacher for each period doled out “getting to know your classmates” assignments, in which we’d document our summer activities and profess our hopes for the school year. I’d always finish mine with a flourish, glamorizing whatever road trip or camp out I’d been on with my family.
School was exciting.
This school year, many Malibu students will be met with a considerably more chaotic experience than in years past. As the campus issues unfold and solutions are sought, I hope more than anything that the students will all be able to maintain their own personal excitement for the academic year to come.
I hope that every student, whether at MHS, Webster, Juan Cabrillo, Point Dume or Our Lady of Malibu, will end up with the experience they deserve. All students deserve a chance at a happy, healthy, enriched educational environment, filled with friends and motivational figures.
Every student deserves his or her own secret excitement for their first day of school, whether they waited until the night before to write up their summer reading assignments or not.