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Annie Ellis poses with her raffle prize on Wednesday, July 9, at the Duke’s Malibu Big Wednesday event.
Callie’s Cause founder Ryan Addison (left) smiles with Matt Sprouse. Photos by Monique Kehoe
Ashleigh Fryer, Senior Editor
2:28 pm PDT July 15, 2014

Duke’s Malibu hosted an event for Malibu-based charity Callie’s Cause as part of their Big Wednesday series on Wednesday, July 9.

The event featured prizes and raffles, and raised $1,170 for Callie’s Cause, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about epilepsy and funding the programs and research of UCLA Pediatric Neurology department. 

The namesake of the organization, Callie Addison, is the 16-month-old daughter of Malibu residents Ryan and Darlene Addison, who discovered that she had a seizure disorder when she was 9 months old.