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ChicStudios schools MHS in makeup artistry

ChicStudios beauticians work with Malibu High School students to blend colors to form foundations. Photo Submitted
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12:06 pm PST December 15, 2015

Malibu High School students got a crash course in beauty school on Dec. 3.

Malibu resident Amy Nicole owns ChicStudios, a beauty school based out of Santa Monica with another campus in New York City.

During Nicole’s visit, she showed the students how to mix primary colors to blend foundations, while lecturing to them about careers in the beauty industry. 

“It was very inspiring to be with them because it was a smaller group of students who were interested in makeup artistry, and it was great the school put it together for us,” said Alexandria Guzman, social media and school coordinator for ChicStudios. “Their genuine interest was amazing, and it was great to see how their eyes just opened up when we’d start mixing colors together to create a foundation color.”

MHS students also learned how to transform styles from a day look to an evening look, while ChicStudios beauticians engaged the students in critical thinking by asking them how they would achieve a certain look, and which products they would use.