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Changes coming to 17th annual Point Dume Parade

Several participants walk and ride along the route of the 16th annual Point Dume Fourth of July Parade on July 4, 2015, in Malibu. 22nd Century Media File Photo
Alex Vejar, Assistant Editor
8:36 am PDT June 28, 2016

The Point Dume Fourth of July Parade is set to enter its 17th year on Monday. But this year, Malibu residents who attend the annual tradition should expect some changes. 

Alice Carpenter, organizer of the parade, said the event’s after-party, which is held at Point Dume Marine Science School, will look different this year. 

In the past, the event has involved live music, food and children’s games. But Carpenter said the after-celebration’s new organizers, Doug and Gill Randle, have a different vision that involves turning the parade’s culminating celebration into “an old-fashioned picnic.” 

The Randles took over the organization of the picnic only a few weeks ago after learning that the original organizers would not be involved this year. When he realized that the Point Dume parade could be in danger of cancellation, Doug decided to gather as much support as possible from Malibu residents to keep it going. 

Randle said his vision of the picnic will include more of what he called “America values,” complete with scheduled events such as three-legged races, egg tosses, tugs of war and others. 

“Those are the family Americana values that you remember the rest of your life,” Randle said. “Ultimately we want to go back to an old-school parade.”

Randle said the parade has gotten away from those values in recent years, and wants the event to return to that state. 

“Now that Malibu is maturing, we want to keep the old-school rural activities alive,” Randle said, “and the parade and picnic is one of those things.”  

A change that will occur in this year’s parade will feature veterans on motorcycles leading the group, Carpenter said.