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10 Questions with Max Gordon, Malibu Football

Suzy Demeter/22nd Century Media
Staff Report
9:12 am PDT September 7, 2017

Max Gordon, 16, is a junior who plays receiver and cornerback for Malibu Sharks football. 

How did you first get into football?

Well, when I was younger my favorite movie was “Air Bud” and the way he played so many sports got me amped up to try a new one. One of those ended up being football. 

What do you like best about playing now?

I love the way our team plays as brothers out on the field and the hype that comes after a great play. 

In what area would you say you’ve improved most from last season?

My tackling ability has definitely improved the most. 

What are your expectations for this year as a team?

I believe if we keep playing like we have been, we can go undefeated.

What do you like about going to school in Malibu?

I love how everybody knows everybody and obviously the weather.

Your teammate Louie Thrall told me that you have the best nickname on the team: “Flash.” How did you get it?

My coaches gave it to me my freshman year for my speed and for having the same last name as the infamous Jets quarterback and savior of the world Flash Gordon. 

Where in the world would you most want to travel?

Probably Bora Bora because of the insane

Do you have any pump-up songs that you listen to before a game?

My favorite pump-up song is a track that’s not out yet to the public featuring my boys Julian, Tony and LilRio. 

What’s your favorite subject in school?

My favorite class that I’m taking this year is engineering because it’s fun and I love working with computers. 

What would you say is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

The best advice I’ve ever gotten in football is probably a quote by [Assistant Head] Coach [Jim] Romano, who said, “if you can’t get through one practice, how can you get through four quarters of bangin?” For me this keys in on the amount of effort you need to put in to get the results you want.

Interview by Freelance Reporter Ryan Flynn